Tuesday, November 6, 2007

chapter 15-20

On the sixth Tuesday they talked about emotions and how Mitch needs to stop hidding his emotions. Morrie said that every once and a while its good to let out a good cry. Morrie also talked about his dad and how he never showed emotion even when Morrie needed him to.The seventh Tuesday the topic was the of aging and Morrie said that age can gain you respect and make you wiser. Mitch thinks that aging gets you closer to death witch he is also afraid of. The eighth Tuesday they talked about money. They talked about how Morrie lived in a very poor familly and how hard it was for him. On the ninth Tuesday they talked about how love goes on.Morries condition has got alot worse, now he cant talk for very long with out needing to rest. They talked about marraige on the tenth Tuesday. Morrie tells Mitch that if he loves that girl then he should want to marry her.

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