Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Outside Reading Memoir chaper 1-8

Tuesdays With Morrie starts with a reflection by Mitch Albon the author of the book about his old college pofesser Morrie. We find out that Morrie has a illness called ALS and is near death. Mitch refers to him visting Morrie by saying that it was his final class and that the subject of the class is the meaning of life. Mitch is a very busy sports writer and has little time for his own life let alone seeing Morrie but when he finds out that Morrie is sick he takes the time to call him. When he does this, Morrie tells him to come see him so Mitch has to find some time and they agree that Tuesdays he can come. That Tuesday Mitch went to see Morrie and they " talked about the world" .

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